Unchartered waters

Reflections on how PhD research can take you outside your disciplinary comfort zones.

Doctoral EAP

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We are really pleased to have a post from a great supporter of DoctoralEAP – Julia Molinari

The posts on this blog have so far broached the ‘generalities’ of doing doctoral work, generalities that probably apply to anybody doing research. So, for example, we have read about the complexity involved in deciding what research to do (https://doctoraleap.wordpress.com/2015/04/24/complex-dynamic-systems/) and about the sheer fear of stumbling into the darkness (https://doctoraleap.wordpress.com/2015/06/11/of-dark-caves-and-community/).

In this post, I would like to build on these generalities and say a little about the specifics of researching EAP.  The sketch below is meant to represent me – JM – surrounded by competing/complementary versions of EAP that I have come across so far and which sustain my curiosity for research in this area (my specific focus is academic writing, what it means in/for EAP, and beyond):

Other EAP-styles are clearly missing, eg. discipline-specific ones, but the point I…

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